Ours is a Certified Automatic Transmission Repair Center with experienced and qualified transmission repair technicians. We use the best and the latest diagnostic equipments and assure that our transmission repair service is the best in and around Katy.

Common problems associated with a transmission include-

  • The transmission gives out a funny noise
  • The transmission fluid appears dark or smells
  • The transmission slips gears even as you drive.
  • Shifting gears seems difficult.

Vehicles that are subject to rough driving conditions need regular servicing. Transmissions generate a lot of heat; this hardens the rubber seals and even damages the clutches. Eventually the transmission begins to show signs of disrepair. To avoid this, service your transmission regularly and check if the fluid is clear and slightly pink in color. Transmission fluid that smells like burnt toast or appears dark indicates that it needs change of fluid.

Regular service does not always include transmission service, unless you specifically ask the mechanic to check the transmission. Our engineers make a thorough inspection of every individual part of the transmission and ensure that it functions well.

There could be several reasons for this sound. It could either be due to a loose exhaust bracket; sometimes it could be indicative of an underlying internal problem in the transmission. Get your vehicle for a transmission service job and we’ll conduct a thorough check.

Our experience helps us to make a rough guess about the problem just by knowing the symptoms. But the final diagnosis is made only after testing them with special diagnostic equipments. The transmission is removed, disassembled; all parts are cleaned and inspected individually for problems. Broken or damaged parts are replaced/rebuilt then reassembled before finally reinstalling the transmission in the vehicle.

This depends on the type of repair. Minor adjustments and service can be done on the same day. However, major repairs take time, sometimes several days. We shall let you know about our deadline for completing the repair because of unavailability of spares or other unavoidable circumstances, we ensure that you are aware of the situation.

Transmission repair is not cheap, but isn’t as expensive as it’s made out to be, especially when compared to the work involved in the repair. Every single transmission includes hundreds of components; each of these has to be removed and inspected individually during repair. All of this should be done through high-tech and expensive equipments. But you can avoid major repairs by servicing the transmission regularly.

Our technicians are well qualified and experienced to give you a near accurate quote. However, transmissions manufactured today are unlike the ones made twenty years ago- they’re computer controlled and problems can be determined only after subjecting them to rigorous tests. Moreover, newer models of transmissions are being introduced all the time, and all of these have different calibrations or variations. The quote that we provide is based on the symptoms that you describe.