Transmission Replacement Vs Repair

Transmission problems happen to every car eventually, but hopefully you’ve maintained your car well over the years to reduce the likelihood of a surprising and catastrophic failure of something like the transmission.

When you start to hear strange noises coming from under the hood or when your car just won’t seem to shift correctly anymore, you could be looking at transmission repair or replacement. Determining which route to take usually starts with a visit to My Transmission Expert where the problem will be diagnosed.

When the Transmission Problems Pile Up

At a certain point, it might seem obvious that yet another automatic transmission repair is just plugging holes in a bigger problem: you need to replace the transmission. However, every car owner arrives at that point at a different time and discussing expected transmission repair cost might influence your decision to replace.

One of the biggest factors in deciding to replace is the likelihood of failure. Consider that replacing a blown transmission after it has bit the dust could come with other repairs needed because the broken transmission damaged other parts of the car when it failed. A replacement today could save money in the long run.

A Replacement Might Be Less of a Hassle

Transmission Replacement RepairAnother reason you may decide to replace the transmission is because auto transmission repair would cost just as much as getting a used replacement. If the difference in price between a repair and a replacement is just a few hundred dollars, you may want to consider the replacement.

Even though you might spend a little more for a replacement, you’ll be getting a transmission that’s in better condition and should cause fewer problems down the road. In some cases, transmission replacement might even save you money.

Saving on a Transmission Replacement

Some gearheads will buy a used transmission and rebuild the entire thing in their garage to save a few dollars. However, even if you become an expert on transmissions, the investment of time won’t be worth it unless you really love working on cars. Getting a transmission in and out of a car is one of the messiest jobs, too.

However, you can still save money on the cost of your auto transmission repair if you choose to have your mechanic install a used transmission. A used machine may have undergone a transmission rebuild, or it might only have a few thousand miles on it. Your mechanic should be able to locate a used transmission for your car to save you some money. All you have to do is ask.

Avoiding Transmission Failure

It’s not cheap to replace a transmission, so it’s important that you maintain your car to reduce the chance of an unexpected break in your transmission.

Getting transmission service like replacement of the fluid should keep your transmission working smoothly for as long as possible before little things start to go wrong, and automatic transmission repair is necessary.

In addition, if you drive a vehicle with a standard transmission, you’ll also want to think about getting the clutch inspected during any manual transmission repair or work. The clutch and transmission are closely related to one another.