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When it comes to transmission shops and auto repairing Houston has many options. All of our shops have experienced & certified auto mechanics performing complete vehicle maintenance. Services include auto ac repair, engine and transmission rebuilding, transmission maintenance, and much more at each of our locations across the greater Houston area. My Transmission Experts have proudly served the local community since 1994. Our highly trained transmission mechanics and licensed auto technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and repair service. Worried about the cost? We have best financing options at our transmission shops Houston TX.

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My Transmission Experts has state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair transmission problems properly the first time. Our friendly, experienced auto repair technicians give honest quotes. We also offer free emergency towing to the garage closest to you. Finding out your vehicle needs major service can be alarming, but we offer various financing options to help you get back on the road. My Transmission Experts has served clients in the Texas Gulf Coast since 1994, and we’re happy to help our customers with all of their automotive service and maintenance needs. #HoustonStrong

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Sometimes a small, inexpensive part is the reason your transmission is malfunctioning, slipping out of gear, or shifting roughly. According to our senior transmission expert, when a modern computer-controlled transmission does not shift properly, it is often the result of a faulty sensor, or the transmission having a defective solenoid pack. In these instances, the transmission can remain in the vehicle providing less costly transmission repair. Rather than investing valuable time comparing transmission repair prices, give us the opportunity to diagnose your transmission problem to determine your needs right the first time. Our experienced automotive service technicians and transmission specialist are also happy to provide a second opinion repair quote or 3rd opinion diagnosis of the problem. If you already checked your vehicle’s computer with a diagnostic tool to see what the code error was but don’t know what it means, check out our list of the most common transmission code errors or check our transmission service in Houston Texas or visit our transmission shop.

Manual transmissions are connected to the engine with a clutch. When the clutch is disengaged and the transmission is shifted into gear, a shaft engages with a cluster of gears that can be moved to interconnect with fixed gears on a secondary shaft. When the clutch is engaged, power is transferred to the shaft but it is separated from the gear cluster. If the vehicle is running but no gears are engaged, the transmission is in neutral. Manual transmissions offer numerous advantages as per the opinion of our transmission expert. They are extremely durable and can manage high torque loads. Maintenance and service are simple, and manual transmissions are the least expensive to repair. In addition, they allow engine braking which provides better handling in off-road conditions. One disadvantage of manual transmissions is that some drivers find them difficult to operate.

We have several car repair and transmission shops in Houston. One of our transmission auto shop is located in West Houston on Hwy 6 North just north of I10; one Katy automotive shop on Mason Road at Kingsland Blvd and Mason Rd (right next to to Mo’s Place). Our another transmission service in Houston Texas is located in the Bear Creek area near Copperfield on Highway 6 North at Timber Creek; another location in Kingwood on TX-494 Loop just west of Hwy 494; and a location in Northwest Houston on Jones Rd between Wood edge Drive and Green creek Drive near Jersey Village.

Continuously variable transmissions don’t use gears but employ rubber or metal belts driven by pulleys. One pulley is attached to the engine and the other is attached to the drive shaft. Sensors relay information pertaining to load to a microprocessor which adjusts the pulleys to maintain the proper speed for the engine. The advantages offered by CVTs include better fuel efficiency, smoother shifting when accelerating and faster response to engine speed. One disadvantage is that variable transmissions can’t engine brake. The cost to repair a variable transmission is much higher and in some cases CVT transmission repair is not a viable option, and you have to replace it. You can check pricing options of our transmission service Houston Texas.

Fully automatic transmissions operate by means of hydraulic systems, which are controlled by the vehicle’s computer. When the Engine Control Unit (ECM) sends a logical signal to the Transmission Control Module (TCM), pressurized transmission fluid is pumped through the system to drive the gears and clutches. If you have a bad TCM you need to replace it before it fails. The torque converter attaches the engine to the transmission and provides rotational energy to the transmission. The primary advantage of an automatic transmission is that it is simple to use and provides ease of shifting. Modern automatic transmissions provide equal performance and fuel efficiency to manual transmissions. The primary disadvantage is that they contain many complex parts that can fail including the TCM module. Repairing an automatic transmission is more expensive than manual transmissions and cost more to maintain as per our experience with customers at our transmission shop Houston. They don’t provide engine braking like standard transmissions, making them unsuitable for off-road driving.

The transmission is a major component of a vehicle’s powertrain and consists of many complex parts. When it comes time to repair or replacing a vehicle’s transmission, understanding the type of transmission and how it operates is important to making cost-effective repair decisions. We offer a wide range of services including diagnosis, repair, service, rebuilding, and replacement for most makes and models, including foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. We work on:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Diesel transmissions
  • Clutch repairs and installations
  • Heavy Duty Transmissions
  • High-tech semi-automatics
  • Continuously variable transmissions(CVT)
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