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When it comes to transmission repair Houston has many options. Our auto repair shops are focused on providing experienced & certified mechanics for complete auto maintenance, brake service, auto ac, and transmission repair and maintenance at each of our locations across the greater Houston and surrounding areas! My Transmission Experts has been in operation  for over 19 years. Our highly trained transmission mechanics and licensed auto technicians utilize the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to ensure quality service. Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle remains on our premises during all repairs.

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My Transmission Experts has state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair transmission problems properly the first time.


Sometimes a small, inexpensive part is the reason your transmission is malfunctioning, slipping out of gear, or shifting roughly. When a modern computer controlled transmission does not shift properly, it is often the result of a faulty sensor, or the transmission having a defective solenoid pack. In these instances, the transmission can remain in the vehicle providing less costly transmission repair. For that reason, rather than investing valuable time in comparing transmission service or clutch repair prices, give us the opportunity to diagnose your transmission problem to determine your needs right the first time.

If you already checked your vehicle’s computer with a diagnostic tool to see what the code error was but don’t know what it means, check out our list of the most common transmission code errors.


We have several car repair and transmission shops including one located in West Houston on Hwy 6 North; one Katy automotive shop on Mason Road at Kingsland Blvd (right next to to Mo’s Place); one location in the Bear Creek area near Copperfield on Highway 6 North at Timber Creek; another location in Kingwood on TX-494 Loop just west of Hwy 494; and a location in Northwest Houston on Jones Rd between Woodedge Drive and Greencreek Drive.

Fully Automatic Transmissions

Fully automatic transmissions operate by means of hydraulic systems, which are controlled by the vehicle’s computer. When the Engine Control Unit (ECM) sends a logical signal to the Transmission Control Module (TCM), pressurized transmission fluid is pumped through the system to drive the gears and clutches. The torque converter attaches the engine to the transmission and provides rotational energy to the transmission. The primary advantage of an automatic transmission is that it is simple to use and provides ease of shifting. Modern automatic transmissions provide equal performance and fuel efficiency to manual transmissions. The primary disadvantage is that they contain many complex parts that can fail including the TCM module. Repairing an automatic transmission is more expensive than manual transmissions and cost more to maintain. They don’t provide engine braking, making them unsuitable for off road driving.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions are connected to the engine with a clutch. When the clutch is disengaged and the transmission is shifted into gear, a shaft engages with a cluster of gears that can be moved to interconnect with fixed gears on a secondary shaft. When the clutch is engaged, power is transferred to the shaft but it is separated from the gear cluster. If the vehicle is running but no gears are engaged, the transmission is in neutral. Manual transmissions offer numerous advantages. They are extremely durable and can manage high torque loads. Maintenance and service are simple, and manual transmissions are the least expensive to repair. In addition, they allow engine braking which provides better handling in off-road conditions. One disadvantage of manual transmissions is that some drivers find them difficult to operate.

CVT Transmissions

Continuously variable transmissions don’t use gears but employ rubber or metal belts driven by pulleys. One pulley is attached to the engine and the other is attached to the drive shaft. Sensors relay information pertaining to load to a microprocessor which adjusts the pulleys to maintain the proper speed for the engine. The advantages offered by CVTs include better fuel efficiency, smoother shifting when accelerating and faster response to engine speed. The one disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide engine braking. In addition, CVT transmission repairs cost more and are a little bit more complicated.

Most Common Transmission Repairs

The transmission is a major component of a vehicle’s powertrain and consists of many complex parts. When it comes time to repair or replace it, understanding the type of transmission and how it operates is important to making cost effective repair decisions. We offer a wide range of services including diagnosis, repair, service, rebuilding, and replacement for most makes and models, including foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. We work on automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, clutch repairs and installations, and higher tech semi-automatic and continuously variable transmissions(CVT). Give us a call today to schedule a free transmission estimate or diagnostic check at our shop.


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Why You Should Hire Our Experienced Transmission Tecnicians & Mechanics

My Transmission Experts has state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair transmission problems properly the first time.

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Very professional and reasonable priced. If you are looking for Transmission repair this should be your last stop. They rebuild my 2004 Honda van transmission and now it is running smother than new. Great job and job well done

Javed Iqbal

I had to return to their shop after I starting having problems with my transmission shuddering as it shifted. The problem was that they had rebuilt my transmission 10 months earlier. I was expecting a big fight over the warranty I was given after the rebuild. What a wonderful surprise for they stood behind their work and honored their warranty without question. Their honesty and great work will keep me a customer for life.

Richard Thomas

I Would Not Hesitate To Recommend! "It is very had to find a good mechanic shop. I am single mother and obviously do not know anything about cars, let alone transmission. Manager was very help full in explaining things to me in plain English. They fixed my little SUV in two days and i was back to work. Thanks you guys."

Melinda George

I just would like to take the time out to say. Thank You! My car runs better then ever. I really appreciate the service manager Scott, he explained everything that was wrong with my car. Mr. Transmission you're the best????????

Tasha Hackett

Noticed transmission was leaking. Quick Google search found this location close to me with good reviews. When I called, Scott said bring it in. Four hours later I had my truck back with a 40 dollar bill. Determined that just the pan gasket was leaking and performed a full service - new fluid, filter, and pan gasket! For 40.00, can't beat that. Not that I wish for future transmission problems, but if I do, I will return. Thank you for the honest repair.

Denver Johnson, Your Content Goes Here

Very Professional, Great workmanship, free towing, reasonable pricing. Ask for Scott he will take care of you! I highly recommend this place!

Kenneth Middleton

Best price in Houston. Called at least 4 other transmission places and they couldn’t even come CLOSE to the price. Excellent service and, customer service by Scott, wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Alex Koch, Your Content Goes Here

It's been four weeks since my transmission rebuilt my 2009 Ford Mustang car transmission. My car is running great....I have not had any problems. Thanks awesome job well done!

Neke Lamark, Your Content Goes Here
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