Transmission Reflash Meaning, Cost & Time to Fix

Over time, the computer may no longer be calibrated to handle the engine’s exact needs; a transmission reflash, or reprogram, can fix this problem. Today’s cars are highly complex pieces of machinery and the car’s computer is an increasingly important part of its operation. When your car came off of the factory showroom, it had a brand-new engine and transmission with a CPU programmed for those specs. However, wear and tear on the engine and transmission changes its performance.

What Is a Reflash?

A reflash is a software upgrade for your car’s computer. There are several reasons you may need a reflash. Sometimes, bugs in the computer software dictate the need for this update. Sometimes, overall wear and tear can make it necessary, because the computer needs to be re-calibrated to handle the new condition of the engine. Reflashing is also needed if your car’s check engine light keeps turning on, but all potential problems have been addressed.

What is a Transmission Reflash?

Sometimes a computer reflash is called a transmission reflash because the primary problems affect the transmission, but it is the same process. If your computer needs reprogramming or rebooting, your transmission may start acting up. Automatic transmissions are tied to sensors and solenoids that communicate with your car’s computer. As the bands and clutches in the transmission wear out, this communication can break down. You may notice shift flare, poor shift quality, and slipping as a result. If these aren’t due to an actual problem with the transmission, a reflash could solve the issue.

Transmissions are just one vehicle component vulnerable to computer software issues. You may also need a reboot it if you’re noticing these issues:

  • Batteries that quickly drain
  • Problems with the ABS performance
  • Car is burning oil
  • Brakes are wearing unevenly
  • Car displays repeated P0420 Efficiency code
  • Carbon buildup on direct injection engines
  • How much to reprogram transmission?

How Much to Reprogram Transmission?

TThankfully the cost of a transmission reflash is not expensive but varies by vehicle and the place you take it. The cost to reprogram a transmission ranges between $75 and $250. Most of the time, you can get this done at your local dealership, but you can also trust a local repair shop, like My Transmission Experts, to get the job done. The software update needs to come directly from the manufacturer, but repair shops and dealerships have access to this information through technical service bulletins.

How Long Does it Take?

If you take your vehicle to a repair shop that has the right tools and the information from the manufacturer, the process takes about 30 minutes to complete. Reprogramming a transmission shouldn’t take very long. Of course, there may be some wait time if the repair shop is busy, the process is as simple as plugging in the computer through a pass-thru programmer and uploading the new software.

Stop in for Reflashing Service Today

If you’re noticing strange problems with your transmission, the best place to take your vehicle is a transmission expert. If the problem is the computer it may be  a quick fix, but a more serious issue will take more time to repair and likely cost much more.  My Transmission Experts is ready to help you. Contact us now or stop into one of our shops today to discuss your car’s issues and get a comprehensive diagnostic exam. If you do need a reflash service, we can get you back on the road quickly.


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