7-Speed Manual Transmission Potentially Making a Comeback in the 2020 Ford Bronco

There are very few cars out there on the current market that boast a true 7-speed gearbox. Two of those vehicles are the Porsche 911 and the Chevrolet Corvette. In an effort to be a logical counterpart to the new Jeep Wrangler, Ford is rumored to be stepping up its game with the new Bronco releases by incorporating the unique 7-speed manual transmission. While the vehicle is still in development and everything can change as plans move forward, it does seem that all of the plans are in place to implement an incredible manual transmission into these upcoming rides.

7-Speed Transmission Specs Are Something to Admire

There have been a few manual 7-speeds in the past under different model numbers with slightly different specs, but no matter how you look at it, a true 7-speed manual is something to appreciate. A good example is the Tremec TR-6070 7-speed manual transmission used in the C7 Corvette. This mechanical wonder boasts triple overdrive and Active Rev Matching, which helps ensure smooth transitions between gears no matter the RPMs. Plus, you get precision downshifts even at high speeds so shifting does not change the smoothness of the ride.
Ford Bronco Makes A Comeback 2020, My Transmission Experts
While there is nothing definite about which transmission type Ford plans to go with for the Bronco, their current 6-speed transmission developer, Getrag, is shown to be in the engineering processes to create something called the 6/7MTI550. The spec listings for the transmission state the transmission offers 405 lb-ft of torque, which falls right in line with the planned Bronco engine.

Manual Transmissions May Be Making a Comeback

Even the notoriously popular BMW 3 Series are being sent out on the U.S. market missing the manual transmission, which was quite the shocking change among enthusiasts who still prefer a manual shifter.

Even though manual transmissions may be less popular, there are still those out there who outright prefer a manual gearbox. The Chicago Tribune published a piece in July that stated:

“In 2006, 47 percent of new models in the U.S. were offered with automatics and manuals. Now it’s down to 20 percent and dropping sharply.”

The transmissions are most assuredly endangered because it is easier for auto manufacturers to offer one transmission type than two. However, the manual transmission may be making its comeback thanks to the Ford Bronco!  Manual lovers are hoping this starts a trend for all carmakers.

What We Know About the Upcoming 2020 Bronco Transmission

Ford says it will not speculate on future products, which is the normal response when there is a buzz around a future vehicle model like there has been around the rerelease of the esteemed Ford Bronco. But, there are a lot of indications that lead one to believe the 7-speed manual transmission is an almost definite possibility. There are engineers working on beefing up the current 6/7MTI550 manual transmission so it would have the 7-speed option. The specs on the amped-up 7-speed match those of the Bronco, such as the torque capabilities. Plus, the release date lines up with the release date planned for the new model.

Seeing a new 7-speed implemented in a popular ride as a buyer option is exciting for those who appreciate a manual transmission. Imagine the excitement if that manual gearbox is dropped in a vehicle with famed all-terrain capabilities like the Ford Bronco. Only time will tell if the speculations are true, but things do look promising.


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