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We have auto transmission repair shops ready to fix your automatic transmission all over the Gulf Coast including: West Houston on Hwy 6 and Northwest Houston on Jones Rd. If you know something’s up with your transmission, we strongly recommend you get it checked out by our expert automatic transmission mechanic ASAP to avoid a dangerous situation.


Listen to your vehicle. If something doesn’t feel right, like the gears are slipping or not shifting smoothly; or you smell something burning while driving, stop, and get your vehicle checked at any of our automatic transmission repair shops. If you have a diagnostic code reader to read a check engine light or service light, get the code checked. It’s best to bring the car in to a professional transmission repair shop, but if you want to see what the code means here is a list of the most common auto transmission error codes.


An automatic transmission (also known as an automatic gearbox), utilizes transmission software to automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. A defined set of gear ranges in an automatic transmission, often have a parking pawl feature that locks the output shaft of the transmission stroke face to keep the vehicle from rolling either forward or backward.

Similar but larger transmissions are also used for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment. Some have limited speed ranges or fixed engine speeds, such as some forklifts and lawn mowers, using a torque converter to provide a variable gearing to the wheels of the engine. If you finding any difficulty in using auto transmission we are there for transmission repair & replacement Houston TX.


According to automatic transmission specialist, both semi-automatic and CVT transmission repairs cost considerably more than traditional automotive transmissions. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and semi-automatic transmissions free the driver from having to shift gears manually. Instead, the transmission’s computer changes gears if, for example, the driver is redlining the engine.

Although there is a superficial similarity to other transmissions, automatic transmissions significantly differ in internal operation. An automobile’s torque converter manages the connection between the transmission gearing and the engine in automatic transmissions, instead of a straight friction clutch used by stick shifts. A semi-automatic transmission retains a clutch like a manual but controls the clutch through electrohydraulic means.

A conventional manual transmission was often the base option in new vehicles but many automakers are abandoning manual transmission options. Most modern transmission options for those buying a new vehicle include an automated transmission such as a conventional 6 gear automatic, semi-automatic (or his and hers), or CVT. The ability to shift gears manually, often by paddle shifters, can also be found on certain automated transmissions. Repairing a CVT transmission may prove futile in many cases because it’s a sealed transmission that is not meant to be opened for repairs. Make sure to visit automatic transmission shop that has qualified staff. 


Call now to request free emergency towing to our shop or contact us online to ask a question or schedule quote to fix it. We have shops across the greater Houston area including two in Houston. Click on the location nearest you to get directions to our auto transmission repair TX shop.


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