Automotive Electrical

Automotive Electrical Repair in Texas

My Transmission Experts provide a wide range of auto electrical system repair services. Every year, the technology for the electrical system in your car becomes more intricate, and our auto electrical experts in our Houston auto repair shops are aware of this. The wiring and circuits, charging and the starting system, mirrors and windows, instrumentation, lights, antilock brakes, and many other components of your vehicle are all controlled by the auto electrical system. If your car or truck won’t start after troubleshooting has ruled out the battery or starter, the problem could very well be with the vehicle’s electrical system. Every technician in our Houston auto repair shop is trained and able to handle a wide range of auto electrical repairs. Our Houston shops employ advanced electrical diagnostic equipment to locate and resolve any issue, allowing you to safely return to the streets of Houston!

Our Electrical Services Include the Following:

Brake Lamps

Cigarette Lighter

Cruise Control

Door Locks

Electrical Shorts

Engine Temperature Gauge


Fuel Gauge Repair

Fuse Replacement


Horn Repair

Ignition Switch

Ignition Switch Repair

Interior Lighting

Oil Pressure Indicator

Powered Mirrors

Powered Seating

Powered Windows

Stop Light Switch

Turn Signal Repair

Warning Chime

Window Defogger Switch

Windshield Wiper Motor

Windshield Wiper Waster


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