Automotive HVAC

Houston Automotive HVAC

For a complete spectrum of vehicle air conditioning repair services in the Houston area and greater Houston area, look no further than My Transmission Experts. Our automotive ac repairs and services are performed by our team of ASE-Certified technicians that have undergone coursework in conjunction with EPA certified car ac programs and know a vehicle’s HVAC system inside and out. Our auto ac system services are extensive and include a leak inspection. When the temperatures in the Houston area begin to climb, My Transmission Experts understands that our clients want nothing more than a car or truck that is properly cooled, comfortable, and well air conditioned. Fittings in a vehicle’s AC system may loosen over time, o-rings, seals, and hoses wear out, and what was once a refreshing cold blast – no longer is. You can quickly get back to being cooled down on the roads of the greater Houston area, with service from My Transmission Experts today!

Our HVAC services include the following:


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Recharge

Ambient Temperature Switch

Blower Motor

Blower Motor Relay

Blower Motor Repair

Blower Motor Replacement

Blower Motor Resistor

Blower Motor Switch

Cabin Temperature Sensor

Compressor Repair


Control Assembly

Control Module

Discharge Air Temperature Sensor



Heater Core

Heater Hose

High Pressure Safety Valve

Receiver Dryer

Refrigerat Charge

Refrigerant Leaks

Relays and Modules

Vacuum Reservoir

Vacuum Solenoid Valve


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