Belts & Hoses

Car Belts & Hoses Repair & Replacement

At our Houston car repair locations, My Transmission Experts provides complete automobile belt and hose repair services. Our team of auto experts understand the belts and hoses in your car play an essential part in the efficient running of the engine, air conditioning, charging, and cooling systems in your automobile. If you don’t follow the replacement schedule according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, your car may break down and leave you stuck anywhere in or around Houston.

The serpentine belt, fan belt, drive belt (V-Belt), and timing belt are some of the belts we repair and service at our Houston auto repair locations to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The timing belt is needed to keep the camshaft and crankshaft synchronized in order to keep your engine’s timing correct. The serpentine belt, V-belt, and fan belt deliver power from the front of the engine to numerous car accessories, including the air conditioning and charging system. The upper/lower radiator hoses and the heater hose pass coolant fluid through the engine, radiator, and heater core.

Timing belts aren’t used in every vehicle. Some vehicle’s serpentine or drive belts may be used alone to provide all of the power required for their accessories. In other vehicles accessories are powered by a mixture of serpentine and drive belts in other vehicles.

The wear and tear on your vehicle’s belts and hoses can be worsened by a variety of Houston driving conditions. Some of these factors include your vehicle’s age and mileage, belt tension, hose clamp failure, contaminated oil, and electrolytic corrosion. The existence of squeaky sounds from under your hood, coolant leakage, dashboard light warnings, air conditioner failure, and engine overheating are all signs that your belts or hoses are malfunctioning. So bring your car or truck to one of our Houston auto repair shops and let the team of automotive repair professionals at MyTransmission Experts assist you with whatever automotive servicing and repair needs you may have.

Our Belts & Hoses services include the following:

Brake Hoses

Coolant Hose

Drive Belt

Fan Belt Replacement

Fuel Hose

Heater Hose

Hose Clamps

Hose Fittings

Radiator Hose

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Chain

Timing Belt Cover

Timing Belt Installation

Timing Belt Pulley

Timing Belt Repair

Timing Belt Replacement


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