Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Anti-lock brake system, which was initially used in aircrafts, is now commonly used in present-day vehicles to give them a better tractive connection. This system has several great benefits over conventional cars without ABS that lead to disastrous accidents and vehicle failures. We shall take a brief look at the significance of the Anti-Lock Brake System further.
Let us first discuss what ABS really is.

About Anti-Lock Brake System

An Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) is one of the best safety features in modern-day cars that ensures a safe ride and prevents any possible hazards. The system works as it stops the tyres of a vehicle from locking and skidding while braking. Sensors in the ABS system keep a check on the action of wheels and track their speed through a controller. This controller collects this information and prevents the brakes from locking in an emergency situation. The purpose is to allow the driver to have control over the vehicle and its contact with the road surface.
An ABS has five main components which include the following:

• ABS speed sensor
• valves
• a pump
• brake fluid
• a controller

Advantages of Anti-Locke Brake System

The benefits of Anti-Lock Brake System are described below:

1. Better Vehicle Stopping Potential

The cars that have the advanced Antilock-Brake System installed prove better road-conscious behaviour as it is easier to avoid skidding while braking or steering. This ensures a quick response to emergency brakes and prevents the overturning of cars.

A faster response is enabled by reducing the friction between the tyre and the road surfaces as a feature of ABS. The road surface might be slippery, wet, or have hurdles. These conditions may be a hindrance to smooth car acceleration or braking. The ABS system makes sure to provide proper control in any of these conditions.

2. Advanced Safety System

The ABS system is well manufactured to avoid all sorts of emergency situations. In case of unforeseeable circumstances, the ABS system takes control and provides a proper safety system by controlling that car.

For instance, if the ABS system faces some technical issues and turns off, it gives a sign through the ABS brake light. The light turns on when the system has stopped working alerting you to stop your vehicle and go for a check. We shall discuss the maintenance of ABS further.

3. Improved Traction control

In addition to the ABS system, there is a Traction Control System in the vehicle. Both work on a similar mechanism, however, Traction Control System runs while the car accelerates and gives control on the road.

The ABS system works in coordination with the Traction Control System, and both avoid the spinning and skidding of the car as it switches from acceleration to braking and back to acceleration.

4. Discounted Insurance

Insurance costs for your vehicle can be reduced thanks to Antilock Brake System as it is practical in avoiding road accidents and mishaps. Some insurance companies may even offer special discounted insurance packages if your car has an ABS system installed because of its proven ability in preventing emergencies.

5. Better and Increased Resale Value

When you put your car up for sale, an ABS-installed vehicle would have an edge and give better resale value. The ABS system is effective in reducing friction between the tyre and the road, giving better efficiency to the tyre. The added accident prevention factor would ensure good condition of the car.

Technicalities of Anti-Lock Brakes

After having read the benefits of the Anti-Lock Brake system, let’s talk about its technicalities and maintenance. The system is no doubt of high quality and has proven efficiency records. However, being a computerized system, it might face failures and maintenance issues.

ABS Brake Sensor Problems

The ABS sensors might face a system failure or fault. In this case, the ABS warning light turns on denoting the issue. It occurs when the controller stops receiving information from the sensors that are not working properly.

Transmission Fluid Problems

The transmission fluid maintains effective operation of the system preventing corrosion between the parts. The fluid levels are set differently according to the model specifications. There might occur some transmission fluid problems due to inaccurate levels of fluid used.

Bad Brake Line

Faults in the brake line may be due to excessive usage and how old it is. If the brake fluid leaks, due to old and cracked brake lines, you should get them checked. It most likely calls for a break replacement and you can read more on it in the linked article.

Maintenance of ABS System

To make sure you are safe while on the road, your car needs a proper working ABS system installed in it. The efficient working of your car’s ABS system is important and therefore you should get it checked after regular intervals. The systems should have working sensors, suitable levels of transmission fluid, and good brakes. The brake service provided by my transmission experts will ensure that your car’s ABS system runs smoothly and that you drive safely. If you’re based in Houston, you can avail all of the expert Auto Electrical System Repair System services provided by my transmission experts.

We hope you were able to learn about your vehicle in detail after reading this article and would practice its safety and maintenance further.


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