Tips to Find the Right Shop for Transmission Service & Questions to Ask

Tips to Find the Right Shop for Transmission Service

& Questions to Ask

Getting an oil change on your car or finding a place to fix a flat tire isn’t any more complicated than looking up “oil change” in the Yellow Pages, but finding a reputable shop to fix your vehicle’s transmission requires a little more homework.

The cost to repair your car, truck, SUV’s transmission can become quite an expense if you choose a shop that doesn’t offer skilled technicians. If they don’t have a history of successfully completed repair jobs you should also be weary of trusting them with your vehicle..

Qualities of a Great Auto Repair Business

Finding a mechanic you can trust and who will provide excellent work takes some time, but it’s worth it to know the qualities of a good shop so you can choose wisely.

Make sure your transmission shop has the following qualities:Welcome Message, My Transmission Experts

  • Fair prices that aren’t suspiciously low
  • Readily available customer service agents
  • Quality repairs that last and don’t need to be done twice
  • Skilled mechanics with training and certifications
  • Experience with your vehicle’s type of transmission

Just like you would choose a professional like a dentist or a doctor, it’s important to find a shop like My Transmission Expert where you can form a rapport with the employees and feel like your car will get the best service possible.

Important certifications include membership with the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), which requires its members to meet a code of ethics for professionalism.

Tip: As you call different shops to repair your stick shift tranny, ask for general prices on certain services. You won’t get exact quotes, but you’ll have a general idea of how much your repair or transmission rebuild should cost.

Also, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Your mechanic won’t take it personally. You just want the best for your vehicle and want to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Even if the shop comes with stellar reviews and recommendations from your friends or coworkers, it’s still important to ask your technician questions to make sure you’ve chosen the right auto repair shop for your transmission

  1. Does the shop have experience with your transmission? For example, if you have a vehicle with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), you’ll want to see if your shop has a technician with the right experience.
  2. Will the shop provide a detailed estimate for transmission service? Although prices may change based upon the work required, your estimate should provide enough information for you to decide on what work to authorize.
  3. Is the shop a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? In addition to cultivating positive reviews with the BBB, you may want to look for membership in local business associations or whether the shop has a presence on Angie’s List.

Consider: Take a tour of the shop and get to know your mechanics. You might get to see some current repair work in progress and the equipment the shop uses for repairs.

Getting transmission replacement or repair is a major investment of time, and finding an automatic transmission repair mechanic at a local shop you trust will make all the difference when your car is fixed and back to normal.

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