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When it comes to transmission repair Katy has many shops to choose from. The auto  mechanics at My Transmission Experts have continued helping customers in Katy, Texas in need of car repair, vehicle maintenance, and transmission service for over 15 years. We would love the opportunity to service your vehicle.

How can we help? Contact our automotive shop for a free repair, service, or maintenance quote.

Katy Auto & Transmission Repair Shop

21946 Kingsland Blvd
KatyTexas 77450
Phone: 281-783-3381
Fax: (281) 395-5613
Email: [email protected]

About Us

Call our Pinehurst, Texas location located in between Magnolia and Tomball, Texas to have your transmission fixed by an expert. Our technicians specialize in transmission rebuilding, installing remanufactured transmissions with warranties, and general tranny repair for automatic, manual, and CVT transmissions with problems .
We also offer automotive repair and service including state inspections, check engine light diagnostics, and much more. Schedule a maintenance check-up, change the transmission fluid, schedule car repair or maintenance service. Our team of professional auto mechanics has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so that they can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair your transmission problem or any engine trouble.

Our automotive technicians service both automatic and manual transmissions, perform transmission service, and also comprehensive auto repair and maintenance service for all vehicle makes and models. Call today to schedule a free quote for any auto maintenance or transmission service, repair, or rebuild services!

Did your transmission go out and leave you stranded? Call for a free tow to our shop!


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Transmission Shop Services

Our mechanics provide comprehensive auto tune-ups, maintenance, repair, and transmission replacement or rebuild services including:

If your vehicle is not operational and you need assistance with towing it to our shop, give us a call and we can help get you an emergency tow.

We provide services for all vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, classic cars, and much more.

Our services are not limited to just domestic automakers like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Buick; we perform transmission repairs and maintenance on European and Japanese import vehicles such as Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru, and much more. If the car manufacturer makes vehicles, chances are we have experience working on them.

Quality Transmission Services for over a Decade

The technicians and mechanics at My Transmission Experts in Pinehurst, Texas have been performing transmission maintenance, service, diagnostics, and rebuilds for over a decade. We’re proud to call the Houston area home, and just like you we’re #houstonstrong. We have a knowledgeable team of transmission mechanics who can properly diagnose your drive train or clutch problems, and give you the honest answers you need.


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