Recently Released New Transmission Technology from Hyundai

Hyundai Active Shift Control Hybrid Transmission

It’s not often that completely new transmission technology is released; however, Hyundai may have done just that. Hyundai has been exploring hybrids recently with a number of different models including the Hyundai Ioniq and the Hyundai Sonata but their transmissions have come under fire in the past. One of the hardest parts of putting together a hybrid system is the efficiency of the entire system.

If the car can find a way to reduce the resistance from the car’s aerodynamics and drivetrain, then the car can move farther on a single tank of gas. After all, the goal of a hybrid is to increase its MPG which is better both for the driver and the environment. One of the areas that can drain energy from the car is the transmission itself. Hyundai may have found a way to reduce this energy drain with its novel transmission.

The First Active Shift Control Transmission for the Hybrid Vehicle

Hyundai recently published a press release where it has revealed the model of its novel hybrid transmission. In the release, Hyundai discusses that they have been working on the energy drain from its transmission for a long while and might have found the solution. The popular automaker claims that it has designed the first Active Shift Control Transmission for the hybrid model.

Based on the information that was released by Hyundai, the improvement over its predecessor transmission could be dramatic. The company claims that it has reduced its gear shift times by close to a third, significantly improving the overall efficiency of its hybrid transmission. Over the past few years, the automatic and paddle-shift gearboxes have been improving slowly; however, a jump by almost a third would represent something of a revolution in transmission technology. Automotive experts have been looking at the specifications and technology behind their transmission and are saying that their new transmission could be just that.

The Purpose Behind the Active Shift Control

Active Shift Control represents a major change in the world of hybrid technology. Hyundai says that the active shift control system optimizes the efficiency of the transmission by checking the gear shifts 500 times in a second. The shift control system adjusts the transmission’s rotation speeds for improved shift times. There is new logic control software that has been installed in the hybrid control unit. This software controls the electric motor and will line up the rotational speeds of the transmission and engine. By lining up these speeds, the transmission can shift gears much quicker.

Furthermore, this should make the shifts smoother as well. Finally, Hyundai also says that this model of shifting does not produce much friction, meaning that the transmission should last longer.

The First Release of the New Transmission Technology

Hyundai has said that this new transmission technology will be released first in the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. After this, the technology should be employed in future Sonata and Kia models. Once the technology rolls out, it will be interesting to see how this technology compares to its predecessors.


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