How To Revive A Dead Car Battery?

There is no better feeling than hearing your car hum and engine roar after you turn the ignition on. This is courtesy of the car battery, which ensures power is provided for your car’s operation and its various automotive electrical functions. However, you may find that your vehicle is not turning on no matter how much you turn the ignition. This likely means that you have a dead car battery.

Several things can result in your car battery dying. It could be a gradual loss of power as batteries tend to have a lifespan. It could also be an accumulation of damage or corrosion that leads to a shorter lifespan for your battery. After all, the car battery is used a lot, and it is only natural that high usage will take a toll on it. You may likely see various signs; an engine light on is a common symptom. This is where you may be wondering how to fix a dead car battery. We will provide you with various ways you can do so in the following article.

Without further delay, let’s dive in.

Epsom Salt Solution

This dead car battery fix is suitable for when the cause is a low electrolyte level. After all, the process of electrolysis is what helps your battery function. Epsom salt is a strong acid that will help raise the chemical level and ensure more charge. You can find it at most gardening shops and may even find it at grocery stores or drug stores. To prepare the solution, you will need Epsom salt and warm distilled water. Add one part of the salt and dissolve it in 2 parts of warm water. After that, you can add it to each battery cell until the electrolyte level covers it by about half.

Aspirin Solution

Another way to revive a dead car battery due to low electrolyte levels is aspirin. Aspirin pills are more readily available at home and may be a more convenient solution. This can even be a suitable solution if you are stranded and need a quick fix for a dead car battery. You can use the aspirin you have available to prepare an electrolytic solution that you can add to the cells of your battery. You will first have to crush 12 aspirin tablets that are either 325 mg or 500 mg. You will have to dissolve it in about 200 ml of water and add it to each battery cell until it is at an appropriate level. If it is still low, you can add some more water to the solution to fill it up.

Distilled Water

You may be wondering how to revive a dead car battery if you do not have the products mentioned above on hand. It can be incredibly distressing if you are stranded somewhere, and you’ll want a temporary fix. In such a case, you can simply use distilled water. Basically, you can add it to the battery cells so that there is a larger surface area of plates submerged in the electrolytic solution. More surface area means more reaction area, increasing your chances of turning your engine on. You may have to turn the ignition a few times until you can manage this.

Car Battery Service

If there seems to be no solution for your dead car battery, you will likely have to get it checked out by a professional or mechanic. They will be able to diagnose your battery and determine the exact problem. They are experienced and knowledgeable and can fix the issue accordingly. They can even advise you on what you should do next and what to do to prevent the problem from happening again. Therefore, look around your area for an expert and get your battery serviced with them. It may be that your battery simply needs to be reconditioned, which they can do for you. A car battery service is the best solution for a dead car battery.

To sum up

The car battery is an essential component of your vehicle as it is responsible for its operation and function. In essence, the car battery helps turn on your engine so you can drive your car. However, certain conditions may result in a dead car battery, which means you will not be able to drive. This can be incredibly distressing if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. It helps to know ways that you can revive your car battery, even if it is only temporary. We have looked at various ways you can do so in this article. We hope this article proves insightful and enables you to revive your car battery.

Thank you for reading!


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