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Auto Repair & Transmission Services

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Automotive Services

The mechanics at My Transmission Experts provides complete automotive service, maintenance, and transmission repair services throughout the greater Houston area. We provide car repair services for all makes and models, including cars, trucks, SUVs, imports, and domestic. We have shops in west Houston’s Bear Creek area, North Houston repair shop on Jones Rd, our first shop located in Katy on Mason Rd, Kingwood location in Porter, and Montgomery location in The Woodlands.  Our automotive maintenance, repairs, and diagnostic checks are performed by trained, licensed professionals with years of experience.

Our local transmission services include but are not limited to:

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Repair

  • U-Joint Service

  • Transfer Case Repair

  • Transmission Replacement

  • 35 Point Transmission Inspection

  • Change Transmission Fluid Oil

  • Flush Transmission Fluid

  • Manual Transmission Service

  • Replace Clutch Cable

  • Transfer Case Repair

  • Transmission Tune-Up

  • Change Transmission Fluid Oil

Car Repair Services

  • Auto Repair

  • State Inspection

  • Check Engine Light Diagnostic

  • Auto AC Repair

  • Brake Service & Repair

  • Used Car Mechanic Evaluation

  • Exhaust, Muffler Repair & Replacement

  • Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service

  • Tune Up Service

  • Radiator Repair & Service

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