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Are you are looking for Manual transmission repair services in Houston? Give us a call or stop by at our manual transmission repair shop and one of our techs will troubleshoot and identify any problems with your stick shift transmission (aka standard or manual transmission).

Our team has over 20 years of experience servicing and repairing manual car, truck, and SUV auto transmissions across the Gulf Coast. We employ ACSE certified mechanics, and are a trusted part of the local community. We work hard to earn and maintain our reputation among the best rated transmission repair shops in Houston. If you have more questions call us anytime, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.


Manual transmissions have a driver-operated clutch and a movable gear stick. Think sport cars or big trucks with a dozen gears.  Most vehicles’ standard transmissions, aka stick shifts,  allow the driver to select any gear any time, but some, such as those mounted on motorcycles and some racing cars, only allow the driver to select the next-higher or next-lower gear. This transmission is often called a sequential manual transmission by the manual transmission specialist. Where you can only go from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd or 1st again. You cannot go from 1st to 3rd in a sequential transmission.

How Does a Manual Transmissions Work?

Here is how a manual transmission works. The flywheel o is attached to the engine and the clutch disk is in between the pressure plate and flywheel. While driving, the clutch disk spins with the flywheel.

As the clutch pedal is depressed, the throw out bearing is pushed in, making the pressure plate stop applying pressure to the clutch disk. This makes it stop receiving engine power so the gear can be shifted without damaging the transmission. When the clutch pedal is released, the clutch disk is re-engaged and to receiving power from the engine again.

Repairing Manual Transmission Components

Manual transmissions are characterized by gear ratios, selectable by locking selected gear pairs to the shaft inside the transmission by engaging the clutch manually with the driver’s left foot. That means there are different components that could fail or wear out and need repair or replacement. For example, most automatic transmissions have epicyclic (planetary) gearing controlled by brake bands and/or clutch packs to select gear ratio while a manual tranny’s gears are changed by the driver engaging the clutch and changing gears with a gear shift stick.

Unlike manuals, automatics allow the driver to manually select the current gear; these are called manumatics, but they are not a manual transmission at all. A real manual transmission is operated by computer, while most manual transmission repairs requires replacement or repair of mechanical components (not computer sensors).

Modern manual automobile transmissions typically use four to six forward gears and one reverse gear, although automobile manual transmissions have been built with as few as two and as many as eight gears.

Repairing Manual Transmission in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks and other heavy equipment usually have at least 9 gears so the transmission can offer both a wide range of gears and close gear ratios to keep the engine running in the power band. Heavy vehicle transmissions have dozens of gears, but many are duplicates, introduced as an accident of combining gear sets, or introduced to simplify shifting.

Some are referred to by the number of forward gears they offer (e.g., 5-speed) distinguishing them between automatic or other available manual transmissions. Similarly, a five-speed automatic transmission is referred to as a “5-speed automatic.”


If you hear a noise, don’t assume it’s the transmission. It may be worn CV joints, loose or broken motor mounts, flywheel or clutch repair problems. A Technician will conduct a test drive to verify and diagnose the cause of the noise. Diagnosis is always free of charge to our customers. Call My Transmission Experts for a manual or standard transmission repair appointment. If you already checked the error code your vehicle is giving, check out the most common transmission error codes here for a better idea of what the problem is.

The most common problem in manual transmissions is that the fluid is often neglected. It is imperative for you to understand that the oil needs to be changed on a regular basis to maintain your manual transmission and fluid. The manufacturer has a schedule for every car and you should check to see what your cars schedule is. Or you can give a call at any of our manual transmission shop and we will take a look for you.


Do not ignore oil leaks. Replacing a leaky seal can protect your transmission from failing due to loss of lubricant and the replacement of a leaky input shaft seal may prevent oil from contaminating the clutch, creating additional problems. Waiting and neglecting a leak will only cost more money in the long run.


My Transmission Experts stock parts and materials needed for transmission manual repair on both foreign and domestic manual transmissions allowing us to complete the repairs in a timely manner. Written estimates are provided as well as numerous types of warranties.  If you live anywhere in Houston, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even come pick you up and tow your car back to the shop if you’re stranded. A few of the other transmission repair services we provide are:

  • Diagnosing problems with your stick shift
  • Front and rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Fixing broken clutch
  • Diagnose clutch pedal, clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder problems
  • Inspect your throw-out bearing and pilot bearing
  • Restore your clutch operation back to like when it was new
  • Diagnose your hydraulic clutch problems
  • All  work done in-house
  • We have multiple transmission warranty options available to fit every budget.


Do you need a rebuilt manual transmission? The friendly mechanics at My Transmission Experts will inspect and replace any worn components needed to get you back on the road. Because the clutch assembly is such a vital component of your vehicle’s manual transmission, the clutch disc, pressure plate, and throw out bearing will be replaced and the flywheel resurfaced. Call us today to schedule a free repair or service quote with one of the best manual transmission services in Houston!


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