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Think your transmission could be leaking fluid? If you find dark red transmission fluid under your vehicle or the check engine light is throwing p codes indicating a pressure loss or overheating, seek transmission leak repair from a specialized transmission shop with a reputation for quality work and good customer service. Call My Transmission Experts for a free quote or to schedule free home pick-up and delivery to support social distancing.

Repair Shops in and Around Houston, Texas

We have two repair shops within the Houston city limits; one is on Jones Rd near Jersey Village and the other is on Hwy 6 North and West Little York Rd. We also have a shop in the western suburb of Katy at Mason and Kingsland Blvd; our newest automotive shop in Montgomery; and another garage in Porter across the street from Kingwood.

Transmission Leak Causes

Without seeing the transmission in person it is impossible to say for sure if it’s your transmission that is leaking or what caused the leak. We can, however, track down possible causes and solutions. Possible culprits that may cause a transmission fluid leak include:

Bad Transmission Fluid Line

  • Cracked Pan Gasket
  • Cracked Torque Converter
  • Improperly Sealed Gasket
  • Crack in the Transmission Pan (from bottoming out or road debris)
  • Bad Input Shaft Seal
  • Insecure Tailhousing or shift housing seal

A transmission should never leak. If it is leaking and you confirm that the fluid escaping is red sweet-smelling transmission fluid there is a problem that needs fixing. If the transmission fluid is dark red or black looking it means it is very dirty and/or possibly overdue for a fluid change service. Metal shavings in the fluid indicate that gears were grinding or a gasket is compromised, causing metal on metal friction (and the shavings in the fluid).

Fluid Leak Repair Cost

The cost to repair a vehicle’s transmission varies widely by what is causing the leak. Find more specific transmission leak cost by cause here.

Why Trust My Transmission Experts?

  • Request Free Home Pick-up & Delivery
  • Many Financing, Loan, & Payment Options
  • Local Shops Serving Houston for over 20 Years
  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • 5 Star Rated by the Better Business Bureau

Schedule Transmission Leak Repair with Our Mechanics

Call My Transmission Experts for a free quote to repair the leak in your car, truck, SUV, van, or heavy-duty truck. We have multiple auto repair shops around the greater Houston, Texas area, offer many financing options, and free emergency towing if you’re stranded. We look forward to meeting you, our valued customer, and will work quickly to diagnose and fix the cause of the transmission fluid leak.


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