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If you are debating whether to get a transmission rebuild or remanufactured transmission installed, or rebuilding your existing unit you should know that rebuilt machines are not all equal. Call 281-884-3825 to contact the My Transmission Experts location near you in Houston, Katy, Montgomery, or Kingwood. Get free emergency towing to our shop, or request a free price quote to rebuild your vehicle’s transmission.
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We have over 20 years of experience rebuilding transmissions to the highest level of quality. Our shops are located in west Houston on Highway 6 North, Northwest Houston on Jones Road (Jersey Village area), in Katy on Mason Rd at Kingsland Blvd, in Montgomery, and Kingwood.

The transmission of a vehicle consists of many different parts including gears, hydraulics, computer sensors, controls and more. It’s not a single mechanism. Rebuilding a transmission requires disassembly of the transmission, and figuring out exactly which parts are causing trouble and then repairing or replacing the bad parts. Lastly, putting the rebuilt transmission back together.

There are many who try to avoid rebuilding their transmission in order to save the expense. However, a Band-Aid fix will only delay the inevitable, an overhaul. It is economically wise to rebuild the transmission early on, rather than continue to repair. Driving across Houston freeways with a temporary patch on such an important part of your vehicle is dangerous and could leave you stranded.


Rebuilding a transmission is not easy. Your options are to…

  1. call a mechanic
  2. visit a credible auto shop or
  3. attempt to do it yourself with a couple of knowledgeable friends using a transmission rebuild kit.


You can rebuild your transmission using one of many rebuilding kits. Each are created specifically for a layman’s use and include instruction manuals as well as the tools necessary.

Please do keep in mind, however, that even though a transmission rebuild kit has an instruction manual, understanding the manual and performing the rebuild are extremely difficult without prior knowledge of a transmission and the tools needed to work on it. It is important that you are cautious when rebuilding your car’s transmission. In other words, you should be careful when buying the kit as well as using the kit.

There are a number of transmission system kits available and some claim to have the necessary tools needed. However, there are those that don’t have the right parts or don’t have an appropriate instruction manual to guide you through the rebuilding process. Therefore, you must look for three things: 1) the kit should be compatible with your car’s transmission system. You can easily check the transmission system in your in order to purchase the appropriate transmission kit. The kit should include an instruction manual that describes each step of rebuilding a transmission in detail using common words in order to avoid difficulties. And, the manufacturer should have a good reputation with a satisfied clientele.

Safety has to be a priority while rebuilding transmissions due to the many components. Transmissions use special fluid to lubricate their components and this fluid must be drained and replaced during both the disassembly and assembly. It’s imperative you know the proper way to dispose of this fluid, and wear goggles and gloves. Do not attempt to lift the transmission alone. Have someone assist you in lifting the transmission in and out and be careful of parts that appear corroded by rust or other substances.


If you are skeptical about doing it yourself, you will need to find a reputable auto repair shop with properly skilled mechanics with experience to rebuild your transmission. Due to the complexity of the rebuild, you need to select your auto shop carefully. We recommend using a transmission shop with mechanics who are ACSE certified (like ours).

Ask how much experience they have rebuilding this particular type of transmission, and whether buying a transmission rebuilt by a third party might be a better option for you.

Once you have a short list of automotive shops to research, read online reviews to see which ones have consistently good ratings across different sites. You should also search online to verify the workshop’s reliability and standing with the BBB, and ensure they have a history of good reviews (not just a recent flurry of good ones).

Ask friends, family and colleagues who they would recommend for transmission rebuilds in West Houston, Kingwood, Montgomery, Jersey Village, or Katy, Texas. Credibility, honesty, and quality of service are the key ingredients to a quality rebuilt transmission. Call  281-884-3825 now to get a free quote from My Transmission Experts or contact us online to schedule an in-person diagnostic appointment to rebuild or replace your transmission.

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