Transmission Repair Services

Transmission Repair Houston, Katy, Porter & Montgomery TX

My Transmission Experts provides comprehensive automotive maintenance services but our specialty is transmission repair. We have shops across the greater Houston area including Bear Creek, Jersey Village, Porter, Montgomery, and Katy, Texas. When it comes to fixing transmission problems you need a trusted expert with experience. You can trust My Transmission Experts’ automotive technicians with all of your vehicle’s maintenance, service, and repairs. We’re honored to be Houston’s trusted transmission shop since our humble beginnings in 1983. If it turns out you need major transmission repairs or some other expensive fix, we have many financing options to choose from so you can have your car in working order. After all, you can’t get around Houston without a car. Need emergency towing? We offer free towing to the shop closest to where you broke down with repair service. Prefer concierge style home pickup and drop-off for service? We’ve got you covered. Automatic Transmission Repair Repair Manual Transmission Diesel Transmission Repair Fix CVT Transmissions Transmission Rebuilding Fix Differential Issues Install New Transmission Control Module Transmission Leak Repair Repair BMW Transmission Replace Transmission Torque Converter 

Transmission Maintenance Services

Our transmission mechanics are experts at repairing domestic and import cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Our experienced transmission technicians and mechanics have repaired thousands of vehicles since our shop first opened in 1983, so you can trust our auto technicians when your vehicle’s transmission shows signs of a problem. In addition to mending transmissions our auto mechanics perform factory-recommended maintenance services including but not limited to: Transmission Service & Fluid Change Clutch & Clutch Cable Replacement Torque Converter Diagnostic

Get Your Transmission Repaired at My Transmission Experts

Contact My Transmission Experts to schedule BMW maintenance, repair, tune-ups, or a transmission rebuild at the shop closest to you. If you’re low on cash we can help you offset the cost of major repairs. All of our shops have many financing options available, and we provide FREE emergency towing to our shop. Ask about our free home pickup and delivery service to maintain social distancing and keep you and your family safe.


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