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Clutch Repair or Replacement

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Clutch ControlWe Can Repair your Clutch or Replace It for a Reasonable Price

n addition to our automatic and manual transmission service, we provide clutch service and repair. The staff at My Transmission Experts is well equipped with knowledge and expertise to handle such clutch repairs and service.

When a manual transmission is being used, the clutch control is the process of controlling the vehicle’s speed using manual transmission. If your car has manual controls, it is wise for you to understand how the clutch works.

The clutch is made up of 2 plates – the pressure and friction plates. The friction plate is connected to the crank shaft and the pressure plate receives the force made by an actuator. The pressure plate is connected to the gear box through an axle.


To know how the clutch works will allow you to better use it in different situations. Once engaged, the actuator pushes the 2 plates together producing torque which transmits to your car’s engine. Once the car is moving and a certain amount of speed is reached, the plates equalize.

The clutch is controlled by the clutch foot pedal in a manual car. When the foot pedal is pressed down, less acceleration is formed. However, the opposite action will give you higher acceleration. To press the pedal completely down, the link between the driveshaft and the engine is absent. This causes the shaft to receive no power. If the clutch pedal is released, there is contact between the shaft and engine. You are sending power at that time to the shaft. Instances do occur, however, when you slip the clutch. The clutch is only partially engaged at that time, so only a small amount of power moves from the engine to the shaft.


In a manual transmission, the clutch is extremely important because it tells what speed the vehicle should run. In addition, there are specific situations the clutch control should be used. The clutch is basically used in 4 ways – stopping, changing the gear, moving off and controlling the vehicle at slow speed.


Fairly often, the clutch control is used to manipulate the acceleration of the car when driving at a low gear or speed. It is also used to minimize acceleration when the car starts from a complete rest or slow start. This can be accomplished when the clutch slips wherein the friction caused by the clutch plate makes the shaft equalize as the car gains speed.

When driving a manual transmission, it is essential to use the clutch more slowly than usual, while at the same time revving up the engine higher. When there are extreme road conditions such as snow or rain, how to use the clutch is imperative. In a normal situation, you need to slow the engagement of the clutch as the gear increases, which, in turn, will prevent the engine from stalling. This, in turn can cause the wheels and car to spin.

There will be problems with clutches whether in an automatic transmission or manual. One of the main problems may be a worn out clutch. Due to the constant friction applied to the plates, the friction material starts to wear off causing the clutch to slip.

If the clutch is not smoothly switching gears, odd sounds will occur when changing gears or the clutch pedaling translation will necessitate service and repair.


We can diagnose the clutch problem and provide the service and repair needed quickly and affordably. Simply call us in Katy at(281)392-5060, or our shop in Houston at 281-884-3825.

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