3 Signs to Consider for Your Vehicle Oil Filter Change

Regular Car Service scheduling is important for vehicle owners to avoid unexpected issues at inconvenient times. Most People often neglect an important part of vehicle maintenance which is vehicle oil filter changing.
It is confusing for beginners when to get the oil filter changed until they face a problem with the working of the vehicle. It is often advisable to get your oil filter changed in advance to meeting any issues.
Here is how you’ll know your oil filter needs to be replaced:

Poor Performance of Car due To Engine Overheating

When the oil filter gets clogged by contaminants, the engine starts to overheat. The blocked filter would not allow the clean oil to pass through it and this will cause friction between moving parts. Since there is no oil to lubricate the parts, their movements start to tear the engine producing knocking and rumbling sounds.
This friction causes the engine to overheat and in turn, affects the car’s normal performance. Your car would slow down when it will not get enough power to drive it.
Hence, a decrease in acceleration is caused by a blockage in the oil filter that shows it is time for a change.
You may even sense a weird oil or gas smell inside the car when this happens.

Dirty Exhaust Fumes caused by Oil Leaks

Car exhaust is usually dirty, but the main issue is the fume coming out of it. If the fume is dark grey, much like smoke, your filter is causing some trouble.
What causes the fumes to turn darker is the oil leaking because of the clogged filter. This oil leaks into the exhaust system which burns the oil and turns the fume darker in color. This also leads to an oily burnt smell coming from the fumes. Changing the oil filter at once is the only solution to avoid this situation.

Decrease in Oil Pressure

You can check the oil pressure using an oil pressure gauge. A constant oil pressure gauge reading ensures that the engine oil and filter are performing well. However, an instant drop in the gauge reading shows the poor working of the oil filter. In this case, you need to go get your oil filter changed as soon as possible.

Damages caused by the Vehicle Oil Filter

The signs mentioned above are only an indicator that the filter needs a change. You can’t check the filter itself for any damages as it is found in a closed space beneath the bonnet.
Since you can’t see the filter for yourself, it wouldn’t be a major concern until the symptoms of trouble show up. In case the signs don’t show, and the filter keeps getting clogged, it leads to premature engine failure.
Engine damage is a much bigger problem that would cost you extra money and time.
With that being said, let’s look into suggested intervals for a precautionary oil filter change.

How often should you change your vehicle oil filter?

It is recommended to get your car serviced by trusted professionals and experts every year. If your driving routine is different and you don’t want to go every year, you can check in for car service after every 12,000 miles of use.

How to change your Oil Filter?

You can always consult Oil Filter Changing Services where experts help you to get the job done. They aid you in finding the right filter for your car and change it for you as well. The best option is to get your car checked by professionals who understand the job better and prevent further issues from arising.
In case you experience any of the oil filter changing signs, you should take your car to get diagnosed for internal engine failures and filter clogging.
Please don’t try changing the filter yourself if you’re inexperienced as it could lead to serious damage to the engine and even be hazardous to your safety.

Recommended Car Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, which is why experts recommend that you keep your car’s maintenance under check. You can get an in-depth guide to a few of the factory recommended car maintenance services in the article linked.
You will be saving your time and money with some simple preventive measures you can take yourself and by getting regular service for your vehicles. Keep your eyes open in case of any emergency mishaps, and you’ll know exactly what to do on spot.


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