Top 5 Transmission Problems That Can’t Be Ignored

Each day you buckle up in the driver seat and put the key in the ignition to start your car, do you think about all of the working parts in your vehicle and understand how they work? Like the millions of car owners in Houston, Tomball and Katy, you probably don’t understand the mechanical aspect of how cars work, and there is nothing wrong with that. As a car owner, is it important to be aware and attentive to your car so as not to ignore important services and repairs — especially as they relate to transmission problems.

Vehicle Transmission Troubleshooting

The ignition that starts the car, the fuel pump that pumps gasoline, the engine, the gears that shift the transmission from park to drive, even the system that turns on the windshield wipers — every motor vehicle has hundreds or thousands of parts that make them work. It is nearly impossible to know each and every working part. Fortunately, there are signals that alert you when your vehicle is starting to have transmission repair-related issues.

Common Signs that You may Need Transmission Repair

There are 5 important signs and signals of transmission problems you should never ignore:Transmission Repair Services, My Transmission Experts

  1. Rough Shifting – At times, your vehicle may start to feel like it is not wanting to change gears when is should or it isn’t as smooth when it does shift. When experiencing this issue, you might also start to notice that it is more difficult for your car to pick up or get up to speed. Rough shift issues are also related to the noticeable thud or clunking sound when your vehicle shifts from one gear to the next.
  2. Slipping Transmission – Somewhat of the opposite to rough shifting, a slipping transmission is when it feels like you’re driving in one gear, and for no reason, your vehicle shifts into a higher or lower gear. If you aren’t certain that slippage is the issue, listen to your engine when this happens since it may change pitch or start making a whining sound.
  3. Delayed Engagement – If you notice a delay before your vehicle goes into drive and starts moving, there is a delay in the response of the transmission when shifting. When you shift out of Park and into Drive, there may be a long pause when you apply the accelerator and revs the engine, but it’s not moving forward as it should.
  4. Transmission Leaks – Transmissions are tightly sealed units that should never be leaking fluid. To determine where a leak is coming from, place a piece of clean cardboard under your car in the front and middle. After a couple of days, take a look at the cardboard to see if you have any active leaks. If your transmission is leaking, the fluid will be bright red or even a dark reddish-brown and you will want to get it to your transmission repair expert immediately before more problems arise.Dashboard Transmission Service Light, My Transmission Experts
  5. Warning Lights on Dashboard – You vehicle is equipped with sensors and relays that let your car know when something isn’t operating as it should be. Check and be attentive to your dashboard warning lights. If your check engine light or transmission warning light comes on, don’t ignore it. Have a professional diagnose the reasoning for the light.

Transmission Repair Costs

Depending on the transmission problems your vehicle is experiencing, transmission repairs cost can be a wide range. With My Transmission Experts in Houston, Tomball and Katy, we will perform a thorough diagnosis to make sure we pinpoint the exact problem before starting the repairs, and will only perform the necessary repairs without tacking on additional services that your vehicle may not need quite yet. If you are experiencing any of these common transmission problems, contact us for expert transmission service today to avoid future costly repairs tomorrow!


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