What is transmission slipping? Five signs to look out for

The transmission is a very important part of the car, and any associated issue can seriously affect your car’s performance. If you ever have problems with your gears or feel something is off, there’s a good chance that your transmission might be slipping, as the transmission is responsible for managing your gears and helping the car run. Transmission slipping might feel like a minor problem, but there’s a good chance it can turn into something much more severe and cause serious harm to your car. Transmission slipping can just be a sign of low transmission fluid, or it might need repair from a mechanic. In any scenario, it is best to know as early as possible. Here are five signs you should look out for when using your car.

Weird noises coming from the car when driving

One of the most common signs of transmission problems or transmission slipping is the noises your car might make. In manual cars, the most common off-sound people hear is a grinding gears style sound which strongly suggests that your vehicle might be having transmission problems. Any type of sound from your car that feels unusual should be investigated, as it could mean that there is a more serious underlying issue or something that needs an immediate fix. Ignoring the sound can just make the problem escalate further.

Besides strange sounds, you should also not ignore any kind of unusual vibrations as they can also mean something is off with your transmission or any other part of the vehicle.

Difficulty in changing gears

Manual cars require the user to shift gears themselves, but transmission problems can hinder the driver’s ability to do so. When you want to switch gears and press the clutch pedal, it not working or feeling stiff could mean a problem with your transmission. Problems in your clutch pedal could be an issue with the car’s assembly or, in some cases, even an indication of some underlying transmission issues.

Other than the clutch, you can also encounter problems in switching gears itself. Not being able to switch gears or difficulty in switching gears is a common indication of transmission slipping. Difficulty in switching gears is also one of the many signs of low transmission fluid, which would just require you to get new transmission fluid. In any case, it’s always best to get an expert opinion from someplace like My Transmission Experts.

Car not accelerating properly

If you are pressing your accelerator and feel that the car is not reacting accordingly, that can signal your transmission slipping. Sometimes when driving the vehicle, you might feel that you are pressing too much to get too little out of the car. Another indication of this is when the RPM of your car might be high, but it still won’t move as much. In automatic cars, this could also mean that your car is also having trouble in automatically switching gears, which is why the car won’t accelerate even when you give it all on the gas pedal.

Car going to neutral

Cars with transmission problems will sometimes go to neutral themselves, which is a serious issue. This problem will make you feel like your car is stalling or stops accelerating altogether and can also be dangerous. An issue like this on a highway could cause serious accidents affecting you and others around you. A car automatically going into neutral by itself strongly indicates transmission problems as the transmission is directly responsible for that. A situation like this needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

Weird smells from car

Similar to sounds you might hear, transmission problems can also be indicated by smells your car might be responsible for. When driving your vehicle, any scent that you feel should not be there and isn’t easily explained should be investigated. Before you check it, you never know what the cause of the smell might be, but burning smells or unidentifiable smells can be caused by your car. The smells can indicate something burning in your car or some other fluids leaking.

When do I need to get the car checked, and from where?

It’s best to get your car checked as soon as possible, as any issues that your vehicle might have might become more severe with time. Finding the cause of the problem and fixing it early can also help prevent other issues from coming up.

It would be best if you always looked for professional help from places that can be trusted and are reliable so your issue can be adequately resolved. Car care places like My Transmission Experts offer various services related to your vehicle and specialize in dealing with issues of transmission of your car. Getting the best care for your vehicle is important because a car not cared for properly will not last a long time, and issues that it might have can turn into permanent problems.


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