Truck Drivers & Delivery Workers: Our Unsung Heroes Amid Coronavirus

Truck Drivers & Delivery Workers: Our Unsung Heroes Amid Coronavirus

If anyone had tried to warn us about the far-reaching effects of the global pandemic just three months ago, we would have laughed it off. Nobody is laughing now. Yet in the darkness of social isolation and economic uncertainty, tens of thousands of truckers, delivery drivers, and distribution workers are working around the clock.

These truck drivers, warehouse workers, and grocery store workers are our heroes. Working long hours, many without protective gear, to fulfill orders. 

Without these heroes and heroines, essential commodities like food, toiletries, diapers, medicine, medical supplies,  and TOILET PAPER could never find their way to those who need them most. 

We ❤️ You Truck Drivers

Truck drivers get a bad rap. Let’s change that. They work incredibly long hours, sometimes in perilous conditions, to fill our grocery stores and shops. Without them, social distancing would be impossible and the virus would be much more widespread. Thank you, and hats off to you truckers. Keep on trucking thoseheavy-duty container trucks. 

We 💙 You Delivery Drivers

The same goes for delivery drivers — thank you!! Out there all day and night, delivering orders in an uncertain and stressful time despite the potential dangers. You are appreciated.

We ❤️ You Grocery Store Workers

Grocery store workers are on the front lines in a way we never anticipated. People of all ages, high school kids, middle-aged men and women, and seniors risking exposure to help the greater good. If for some reason you need to visit a grocery store in person, be careful. And thank the cashier, bagger, and stockers. They don’t have to be there, but they still are.

We 💙 You Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers across the country are working in distribution centers, many without masks or enough protective gear to minimize exposure. They are not even eligible for hazard pay. Warehouse workers — thank you!!

Stay Safe & Take Care of Eachother

The My Transmission Experts family wishes good health and strength to our entire community at this difficult time. Stay safe and maintain physical distance, but remember to connect with your loved ones online or by phone whenever possible. 

Last but not least —  don’t forget to wash your hands. 🙌


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