What Happens When Water Floods Your Transmission and How It’s Fixed

My Transmission Expert Complete Car Care knows how to deal with a flooded transmission system. That’s one of the biggest problems with living in the Houston area of Texas. Storm and flood damage is a common issue many people experience during the months of June through the end of November each year. This season was particularly bad with many tropical storms and hurricanes barreling through the Gulf Coast. So what exactly does water flooding do to a transmission? The fact of the matter is water in your transmission causes serious damage that needs to be taken care of by a transmission expert as soon as possible. Here are some of the details about what happens when water floods your vehicle’s transmission and how we can fix it at My Transmission Experts

What Happens During Deep Water Flooding 

 When a car is exposed to the deep water flooding from a particularly serious rainstorm or hurricane, it’s a problem that causes serious internal damage. It can be fixed, but the sooner you get it done the better. The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Its job is to control the power of the car. 

In the most simple terms, the transmission controls the gears which distribute speed through a rotating power device. You have probably gathered that the transmission is key to the proper operation of the car. If water gets in there, before you even bring it to us or have it towed to our shop in Houston, there are a few things you can do to help recover and safe your vehicle.

Water In Transmission Flooded Damage Repairs, My Transmission Experts

When the Interior of the Car Is Flooded

When you are certain the interior of the car sustained some damage from rising waters during a storm or flood, it’s important to not start the car. Don’t even think about it. Starting the car will cause even more damage to the transmission and the engine. The water is probably already trapped in the oil reservoir and the transmission fluid. 

Try to get as much of the water out of the car as possible with a wet/dry vac before you have it towed. If you have experience with cars, you can also drain the fluids out of the car, including the gasoline in the tank. Once you drain all the fluids, you’ll be able to tell for sure if water has reached the transmission. 

Normal transmission fluid is fire-engine red in color. When water has infiltrated it, the transmission fluid becomes gray and muddy in color. So when you drain it, you’ll be able to easily see if water swamped your car, truck, SUV, or sedan’s transmission. 

We Will Overhaul Your Flooded Transmission

In order to fix a water flooded transmission, it’s going to need a total overhaul at best and replacement at worst. The parts and materials that make up the transmission are very sensitive. They need to be handled with care especially after flood damage occurs. 

Our automotive technicians can rebuild your transmission or, if the damage isn’t as extensive, perform repairs so that the car operates in the correct way again. In the case of catastrophic damage, the car may be a total loss, and unfortunately you’ll need a new one. We’ll do our best to estimate whether or not the flood damage is repairable and overhaul it so that you don’t have to buy a new car. It’s going to take some work and time, but if it’s a vehicle that you love and want to keep, we are happy to do our best to take good care of it for you. 

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