Automotive Cooling System

Houston Automotive Cooling System

For the service, repair, and replacement of vehicle cooling system components, My Transmission Experts is the leading car repair company in Houston. The technicians at our Houston auto repair shops understand how critical the cooling system in your car or truck is to the lifetime of your engine and the overall dependability of your vehicle while you drive in and around Houston. The cooling system has improved with new coolant formulations and more efficient radiator designs and materials as vehicle technology has grown over the years. The primary purpose of your vehicle’s cooling system is to remove heat from the engine and dissipate it into the outside air. This occurs when the water pump circulates coolant throughout the engine system, absorbing heat before being returned to the radiator. The heat is dispersed into the air as the heated coolant returns to the radiator. The temperature of the coolant is regulated by a thermostat to ensure that it remains consistent for optimal engine efficiency.

A combination of factors and Houston driving conditions impact the need to replace various cooling system components, such as the water pump, thermostat, and radiator. Your driving habits, varying operating conditions, the type of vehicle and coolant used, and, of course, the frequency of scheduled maintenance services such as coolant replacements are all considerations to consider. Overheating, a “sweet smell,” leaks, and a need to refill fluid frequently are all possible problems with your vehicle’s cooling system.

Our Cooling System services include the following:

Coolant Change Flush

Coolant Filter

Coolant Pump

Coolant Reservoir Tank

Cooland Temperature Sensor

Coolant Thermostat

Cooling Fan Repair

Heater Core Flush

Heaer Core Leaks

Heater Core Repair

Heater Hose

High Performance Radiators

Radiator Cap

Radiator Coolant

Radiator Cooling Fan

Radiator Hoses

Radiator Leaks

Radiator Pumps

Radiator Repair

Radiator Thermostat

Water Pump Belt

Water Pump Gaskets


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