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Transmission Problems – Rebuild or Replace?

Some of the most dreaded words any car owner can hear is that their vehicle needs a new transmission.  Replacing a transmission is quite possibly one of the most expensive services that your car will ever require because working with the transmission is incredibly complex and can be quite time-consuming too.  In most cases, when you replace the transmission on any vehicle, you have two choices. You can rebuild the transmission or install a new [...]


What’s a Transmission Shift Solenoid and Why Does it Matter?

When you're dealing with automotive problems, it can feel as though you're hearing a foreign language. AWD, gear ratios, oxygen sensors and valves galore may make it hard to have a solid grasp of what the exact issue is with your vehicle. One term that often raises more than a few questions is a transmission shift solenoid. What exactly is it and why should you know about them? What's a Transmission Shift Solenoid? In automatic [...]


Ford Recalls 1.3 Million F-150s That May Randomly Shift to First Gear

Some large-scale transmission recalls identify and correct issues that may be an inconvenience for impacted drivers but aren’t likely to pose any risk of an accident. Indeed, many of the vehicles that are subject to a transmission recall are never even brought in for repair or replacement of the defective parts. However, Ford’s recent recall of more than 1.3 million trucks from its F-150 fleet identifies a potentially dangerous issue that has already caused half [...]


2020 BMW X1 Gets A New Transmission

Next year, BMW is changing things up when it comes to their 2020 X1. The X1 will get a facelift—sporting a new grille, new headlights and taillights, software updates, and a brand new transmission with gear ratio changes. The software updates will allow the X1 to shift more smoothly and have a quicker acceleration. The New 2020 BMW BMW is also offering new colors and new wheel options. Inside, the touchscreen is being enlarged from [...]


Tips For Making Your Transmission Last Longer

Your transmission is one of the key components of your car, truck or SUV.  It is the system that transfers energy from the engine and makes it possible for the wheels to turn and your vehicle to operate in the correct gear. Your transmission is also one of the most expensive parts of the vehicle. The average new car transmission can cost between $1,800 and $3,400. Even a rebuilt transmission is likely to set you [...]


5 Signs You Might Need A New Transmission

Modern cars and trucks are incredibly durable and with the right care and maintenance can provide many years of dependable service. Yet, like all of us, they eventually start needing some major repairs as they age. Most of the time it’s easy to know when you need some repair or replacements. Your transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle, yet many car owners are uncertain of how to tell when their [...]