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Clogged Transmission Filter? Symptoms of a Clogged Filter & Cost to Fix

If you are driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission it has fluid that flows through the transmission to keep it running at its best. That fluid goes through a transmission filter. If the transmission filter gets clogged, you can have serious issues. A working transmission is a critical part of keeping your vehicle on the road. Here's a closer look at why a clogged transmission filter is a problem, and what you can do [...]


Transmission Cooler Lines Replacement: Cost, Time to Fix, and Signs of Line Failure

A car's engine runs at an extremely high temperature. All of the fluids in the car, including the transmission fluid, have the potential to overheat. When that happens, they can't do their jobs well. To overcome this issue, transmissions are designed with cooling lines. These lines pull transmission fluid from the transmission and take it to the radiator, where it cools down. They then circulate it back to the transmission where it keeps doing its [...]


5 Causes of Transmission Failure that Proper Maintenance Could Have Prevented

When it comes to car repair, one of the last things a car owner wants to hear is, "It's the transmission." Unfortunately, transmission repairs have gotten a bad reputation because they tend to be pretty costly. Yet when your vehicle's transmission needs to be repaired, you do need to tackle the job to keep things moving. Being able to spot problems can help you get service in a timely manner, and knowing what issues develop [...]


What is a High Performance Transmission? | My Transmission Experts

Most people know that the car's transmission works to effectively apply power from the engine to its wheels. As it shifts gears -- or its gears are shifted by the driver as the case would be for a manual transmission -- the transmission powers the car to the speed you need it to go. A high performance transmission puts a special spin on this traditional concept though. What Makes a Transmission High Performance? A high-performance [...]


Things You Can Do to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

Your vehicle’s transmission eventually wears out, but you can make it last longer by taking care of it, including doing regular maintenance such as checking for leaks and changing the transmission fluid at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Without the transmission, your vehicle isn’t going to go anywhere. Simply put, the transmission transfers the power from the engine to the driveshafts, axles and wheels. Routine Maintenance and Transmission Fluid Changes Most manufacturers recommend that you change [...]


Signs of Bad Manual Transmission Shift Cables, Bushings, Synchros & Repair Cost

Vehicles with manual transmissions are more affordable to purchase and repair, but they can still have transmission issues. Spotting issues early helps owners seek repairs before further damage occurs. Transmission cables, bushings, and synchros are all common areas where problems can arise. Here's a guide to spotting these problems, so you can seek repair when you need it. Signs of a Bad Manual Transmission Cable A manual transmission has two cables. One controls the horizontal [...]

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