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Transmission Reflash Meaning, Cost & Time to Fix

Over time, the computer may no longer be calibrated to handle the engine’s exact needs; a transmission reflash, or reprogram, can fix this problem. Today’s cars are highly complex pieces of machinery and the car’s computer is an increasingly important part of its operation. When your car came off of the factory showroom, it had a brand-new engine and transmission with a CPU programmed for those specs. However, wear and tear on the engine and [...]


6 Signs Your Transmission Fluid is Bad and Needs Changing

Your car’s transmission fluid is a critical part of the system. As it goes about its job of lubricating a vehicle's transmission, it picks up grit and grime. It also starts to break down as it gets older. Old, dirty transmission fluid doesn’t flow properly, and this puts your transmission at risk. From time to time, you will need to flush the transmission to remove the dirty fluid and add fresh, clean fluid. While you [...]


Why Avoid Using Stop Leak Products in Your Transmission

Many people think that using stop leak products can save money by stopping a transmission fluid leak. Unfortunately after affects of using leakage stopping products come at a significant cost. Stop leak products can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. If you notice a red, brown, or black stain on the driveway underneath your vehicle's transmission, you could have a nasty leak forming right before your very eyes. Your mind may turn to stop leak [...]


What to Do When Your Car Won’t Go into Gear

Whether you have an automatic transmission or manual gearbox, your car could fail to go into gear at any point. When that happens, you’ll end up stranded until you can figure out what went wrong. The potential causes range from low fluid or damaged shift linkage to complete catastrophic failure of the transmission. Even user error can prevent you from getting your car into gear and continuing about your day. Thankfully, when this frustrating [...]


6 Ways Colder Weather in Houston Can Wreak Havoc on Your Car

If you live in Houston, you know that you might need a jacket and shorts on the same day. Drastic changes in temperature can wreak havoc on your vehicle too, not just your allergies. January and February are the coldest months of the year, you should know how to winterize your car to protect it through March. The average low temperature can get down to around 41 degrees. Granted, we have a much milder winter [...]


What Happens When Water Floods Your Transmission and How It’s Fixed

My Transmission Expert Complete Car Care knows how to deal with a flooded transmission system. That’s one of the biggest problems with living in the Houston area of Texas. Storm and flood damage is a common issue many people experience during the months of June through the end of November each year. This season was particularly bad with many tropical storms and hurricanes barreling through the Gulf Coast. So what exactly does water flooding do [...]

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