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Transmission Fluid Basics for Car Owners

Want to be able to drive a car for years to come? Many car owners overlook the need for basic maintenance to ensure optimal gearbox performance. Get insights on what to know about transmission fluid and when to change it out. Is It Necessary to Change the Transmission Fluid? Yes. However, an owner may accumulate 100,000 miles on their vehicle before this is required, according to service manuals. Owners planning to hold on to a [...]


Could Your Manual Transmission be Enough to Foil a Car Thief?

If you often find your vehicle’s make and model on the list of most-stolen vehicles in the country, you may wonder what—if anything—you can do to make your vehicle less attractive to would-be thieves. Despite a nearly endless variety of anti-theft devices, from keyed steering wheel bars to ear-piercing alarms, one of the most effective theft-prevention devices may lie just below your vehicle’s shift knob, foiling thieves at no extra cost to you. Statistically, there [...]


How Can Living in An Ultra-Rural Part of The U.S. Affect Your Recall-Related Repairs?

Living in a remote or rural part of the U.S. can bring with it many advantages, especially for those who value privacy and independence. However, if your vehicle is subject to a manufacturer's recall of its engine, transmission, or another major component, you could find yourself facing some steep hurdles when it comes to having your vehicle repaired quickly and locally. What problems can be faced when scheduling a recall repair in a rural area? [...]


The Popular 2018 Hyundai Sonata Receives an Improved Transmission

For years, Hyundai has been working hard to develop a reputation for quality and reliability. One of their leading models, the Hyundai Sonata, has consistently been one of their highest-selling cars in recent years. The 2018 Hyundai Sonata maintains many of the features that made the 2017 version of the same model so successful; however, there are a few changes that anyone with experience driving prior iterations of the Sonata will notice. One of the [...]


What Transmission and Engine Types Are Ideal for You?

Car buyers have more transmission and engine choices than ever before. Even entry-level vehicles often have a dizzying range of options in engine-transmission configurations. An all-wheel-drive car model may offer just a V6 engine, instead of a four-cylinder and an automatic transmission as the only option. However, when there are options, it’s best to choose based upon your own driving needs, habits, and lifestyle. Choosing wisely can make your driving experience much more enjoyable, as [...]


Exciting New Transmission Technology in the 2018 Toyota Camry

Since its inception, the Toyota Camry has consistently been among the best-selling cars in the country. The Japanese automaker now has countless Camry models in its legacy, and has continued to add impressive additions to the newer models. The car is known for its reliability and durability, as many people simply seek to keep the Camry until the ‘wheels fall off’. The 2018 Toyota Camry promises to add to this impressive tradition of continually upgrading [...]