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Signs of Bad Manual Transmission Shift Cables, Bushings, Synchros & Repair Cost

Vehicles with manual transmissions are more affordable to purchase and repair, but they can still have transmission issues. Spotting issues early helps owners seek repairs before further damage occurs. Transmission cables, bushings, and synchros are all common areas where problems can arise. Here's a guide to spotting these problems, so you can seek repair when you need it. Signs of a Bad Manual Transmission Cable A manual transmission has two cables. One controls the horizontal [...]


4 Types of Transmission Leaks + Time & Cost to Repair

If you notice some read fluid leaking from your vehicle, it's a sure sign that you have a transmission fluid leak. You should address transmission fluid leaks quickly to protect it and prevent even more costly repairs at best, or transmission replacement at worst. Identifying the location of the leak is the first step in fixing it. Here are four common areas where transmission leaks can develop. Pan Gasket Leaks The transmission pan is fairly [...]


US Automotive Trends of 2020 Amid Covid-19 Recession

Many of the projections analysts forecast for the 2020 automotive industry were thrown for a loop thanks to Covid-19. Still, it is interesting to learn what trends, sales insights, and new technology industry experts were expecting before the world paused to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. 5 In March 2020 U.S. automobile sales plummeted to the lowest monthly rate since December of 1981 during the Reagan recession. 1 5 Asian automakers like Honda, [...]


What are the most common transmission fluid problems?

Transmission fluid levels vary by manufacturer and model, and it’s important to understand how important it is to maintain the correct fluid level to prevent damage. Low fluid levels can damage a vehicle just as much as high levels. But fluid levels are not the only signal of a problem, the color, smell, and presence of other materials in the fluid are also red flags indicating damage or excessive wear-and-tear. What Causes Hard shifting, or [...]


Toyota Preventing Sudden Accidental Acceleration with Electronic Throttle Safety Controls in 2020, 2021 Models

Toyota rolled out a new safety feature technology in 2020 meant to detect unintentional sudden acceleration. The technology is designed to recognize unintentional pedal depression and slow the car down when it thinks a driver hit the gas accidentally instead of the brake pedal (typically at low speeds). Toyota’s new technology, called Acceleration Suppression Function integrates with previously released Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS). ICS uses a series of sensors to detect whether there are objects, [...]


Most Common Replacement Chevy & GM Transmissions

Most Common Chevy & GM Replacement Transmissions Chevrolet and GM vehicles are built to last. Unfortunately, transmissions don’t always last as long as the rest of the vehicle. If you blow your Chevy transmission there are several popular replacement models to choose from, depending on your budget and performance needs. Let’s take a look at the most common remanufactured and replacement transmission models for Chevrolet vehicles. Skip to Specific Model Chevy 6L80e GM 4T65E Chevy [...]

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