Eaton Debuts Remote Diagnostic Tool for Automated Transmissions

Eaton Debuts Remote Diagnostic Tool for Automated Transmissions

New technology is constantly redefining how we fix problems in every field, and remote diagnostics tools in cars continue to provide solutions that work for mechanics and owners alike. Those who oversee this data can tell which vehicles on the road need to be serviced, and which are currently under repair. Eaton has introduced a new tool meant to seamlessly integrate with the current electronic system of the vehicle and built to strengthen the amount of insight into how automatic transmissions are performing and what can be done to fix them.

Benefits of Remote Technology

The Eaton IntelliConnect™ monitors automatic transmissions and prioritizes the fault codes that may go off while in use. It shows which events need attention at that moment, and which are not quite as critical. The action plans Eaton provides spell out in detail what needs to be done to keep the transmission in good shape, increases the practical life of the vehicle, and decrease the number of unforeseen breakdowns. Faster, more accurate diagnoses mean faster repairs. Their system is made to be compatible with any electronic components in the vehicle, meaning that it can be used with telematics systems such as OnStar. Owners can get the alerts however they’d like: text, email, through your car, or through Eaton’s communication portal.

Why You Should Know About This 

Everyone who has an Eaton automated transmission will already have IntelliConnect, and the company prides itself on looking at the health of the whole vehicle as opposed to treating just one symptom. They plan to go beyond just looking at fault codes to giving full comprehensive plans for maximum efficiency. Telematics systems already give drivers basic information, but IntelliConnect is designed to go further than just the basics. Owners can find out more about the underlying causes for better vehicle care both on and off the road. Eaton also offers a 24/7 call center for customers who need urgent help.

512px Vw Engine Check, My Transmission ExpertsWhy You Should Know About This 

Eaton is mainly marketing IntelliConnect to those with fleets of vehicles so more information is known about cars that are hundreds of miles away and fewer cars are out for repair. However, this technology will only continue to be developed for everyone — whether it’s an Eaton automatic transmission or not. Once the efficiency of their product has been tested by their customers, it will only be a matter of time before these types of enhanced benefits are available to everyone. You likely already have some type of remote diagnostics already in your car that provides error codes on your dashboard panel that go well beyond a Check Engine Light, but this takes the diagnostics procedure even further. When it can cost up to $3,500 to replace an automatic transmission, it’s well worth having as many tools as possible in your corner to prevent you from unnecessary damage. As transmissions continue to change and get better, it may wind up being extremely valuable.


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