Transmissions Upgrades a Big Trend for New Models

Car manufacturers are trying their best to squeeze as much gas mileage as they can from their new models.  One strategy is to keep adding gears.  By adding gears and increasing clutch capabilities, car builders hope to make shifting easier while continuing to double or triple current fuel economy.  The hope is to attract buyers back to manual transmission models, along with keeping automatics moving forward with improved technological advances designed to grab driver’s attention.

New car and truck models that are rolling off production lines are sporting some unique options geared toward better gas mileage and increased maneuverability.   Some of the new options being touted by car lovers include:

2018 Ford Mustang Features a 10-Speed Transmission

Rumors have been flying for months regarding the possibility that Ford would release a 10-speed automatic Mustang next year.  While no official announcements have been made yet, dealer service agents have been flooding the internet with “proof” that the rumors are true: new parts listings being released to service departments which contain parts for a 10-speed automatic.

This comes as no surprise to car enthusiasts, since Ford has worked closely with Chevy for years in developing a 10-speed transmission for the Camaro ZL1 model.   With that car’s popularity in the market, it makes sense that Ford would follow suite with their own 10-speed model. By all accounts it appears as if the Mustang will be the next on Ford’s product line to get the new improved gearbox.

In the meantime, the race for bigger and better continues, with Ford filing a patent for an 11 –speed transmission.  There have been no reports on a release date of this improved transmission, or which car or truck Ford plans to use it in first.

Honda Patents 11 Speed 3 Clutch Transmission

It’s a race to see who can develop an 11-speed transmission first – Ford or Honda.  While Ford filed their 11-speed transmission patent last year, Honda is now working on a similar design; but with one major difference – it’s new transmission will feature three clutches compared to the standard two found in today’s vehicles.

Designed to outpace its competitors in the realm of fuel economy, the third clutch is expected to double Honda’s current fuel efficiency. This would make one of its smaller cars like the FIT even more desirable to drivers hungry for better gas mileage.  Larger vehicles would also receive a boost by adding this more efficient transmission, as it would appeal to drivers who have wanted the currently trending bigger SUV’s, but are not willing to trade size for fuel economy.

Chevy Updates Colorado with 8-Speed Transmission
512px Chevy Colorado2, My Transmission Experts

This favorite mid-sized truck just got a boost with several changes in its design slated for the upcoming model year.  Beginning in 2017, the Chevy Colorado will feature a V6 engine combined with an 8-speed transmission, according to the company’s specs.  This should help to increase fuel efficiency, improve gear shifting capabilities, and make towing easier for this popular model.

Transmission changes are becoming a popular way for car manufactures to beef up their newer models, along with helping boost fuel efficiency. Watch for even more changes to come as newer models are unveiled.


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