Electric Car Battery Life: Everything You Need to Know

Electric Car

A shift towards electricity as a cleaner energy source is now not only limited to stationary devices, but also includes electrically powered vehicles such as electric cars.
An electric car comprises of Lithium-Ion Batteries that power it electrically instead of Lead-Acid Batteries present in gasoline engine cars. While electric cars have lesser carbon footprint compared to gasoline cars, there still remain several queries about the electric car batteries and their battery life.

Electric car Battery

Typical lithium-ion batteries have specified lives. These batteries are particularly large for vehicles that require the battery to last for a signified time.
Electric cars comprise of two batteries in a standard model car.

  • The main battery is a lithium-ion battery that is charged and enables the motor to run which then drives the car.
  • The second batter is a 12V battery similar to the one in conventional gas cars which is used for powering the additional features like dome light, door lock, computer etc.

Battery Management System

The car’s battery management system ensures that there is neither full charging nor full discharging of the lithium-ion battery. This mechanism guarantees efficient use of battery and preserves its life in the long run. It also ensures that an optimum temperature is maintained without excessive heating of the car.

How Long Does the Electric Car Battery Last?

As suggested, the electric car batteries might last for an average 8-10 years, which is sufficient in terms of car lives and is definitely longer than a gasoline powered vehicle.
Every manufacturer offers a different battery pack warranty keeping in view the life of the battery in the model. Electric car manufacturing companies which include Nissan, Tesla, KIA, BMW, Chevrolet etc propose various battery pack warranties.
Typically, an electric car battery is meant to last for 8-10 years which estimates to a 100,000 miles of usage.

Electric Car Battery Degradation

Electric car batteries are made to be of high quality so even if they degrade over time, the vehicle runs efficiently. Degradation of battery is only an indicator of the car being used. Just like gadgets with electric batteries, the battery life decreases as cells disintegrate; thus the manufacturing is done keeping in mind this very factor. Though the battery would lose the ability to charge fully after some years, it would not die at once like a gasoline powered battery.

Factors that Affect the Battery Life

Putting the technicalities aside, the electric car battery life simply depends on its usage, how often is it charge, how is it used, what conditions it is in etc. Hence, how you use the car would either increase or decrease your electric car’s battery life. However, this is only a minor element in determining the lasting power of the battery.

  • Effect of Climate

The environment of the vehicle would play a major role in determining the longevity of the battery. Especially, hot humid climates would decrease the charge on the lithium-ion batteries resulting in short life span of the battery. A liquid-cooled battery pack is fitted in the electric cars to avoid excessive heating. It is advisable to not let your electric car out in the sun on a hot day for too long. Hence indoor garages would be suitable for your electric vehicles.

  • Car Battery Charger

How you charge the electric car is very important. You can charge at home overnight with an installed home charging point or battery charger in your garage or at charging stations. But keep in mind to avoid the fast charging options as they would overheat the battery and deplete its lifespan.

Problems with the battery

Issues arising in the electric vehicle can be indicated by specified symbols visible on the dashboard. Unlike gasoline cars that have a check engine light on, electric cars use red symbols (or amber symbols) which warn the user regarding issues in the battery, wiring etc.
Just like gas-powered cars, this symbol is an indicator of low charge, low battery and requires power to start the car. In this case, you should get the car inspected incase the issue lies in something other the charge of battery.
The amber symbol may also indicate a dead car battery in an electric car. Since electric vehicles have a 12V battery that powers door lock, lights and other important features; if you a leave the light on or door unlocked overnight, there is a chance for the battery to knock out. In this case, it is better to seek help and get the battery diagnosed.
It is always best to seek professional help in case of an alerting situation for automotive electrical systems such as the one provided by My Transmission and Auto Care Experts. Rather than experimenting on your own, you’re your safety at check by consulting a team of well trained experts


Electric car batteries are advanced vehicle batteries with long lasting power and are efficient compared to old gasoline cars. There are aspects that need caution and care; however the misconception regarding the battery life dying early is not true. Modern day electric cars are designed to last longer and work proficiently, hence making them a much sustainable option for the present times.


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