5 Essential Tools to Always Keep in Your Vehicle

Being able to own your dream car can be one of the biggest accomplishments for some people. Although most of them are confused about what tools to keep in the car for emergency situations.

A lot of unexpected things can happen when you’re on a drive. While there are long lists of essential tools to keep in your vehicle, we have short-listed the top five elements that you ought to have in your vehicle no matter what.

Let us look at the following 5 necessary tools that you should always keep in your car:

1. Essential Tools Kit

An essential tools kit is the most important thing you should always keep in your car. When you’re driving, you might meet minor inconveniences that can be fixed easily with the help of pliers, screwdrivers wire cutters, etc.
A car’s essential toolkit consists of the following tools:

• socket set
• wire cutters and pliers
• wrench set
• screwdrivers
• torque wrench
• breaker bar
• impact wrench
• rubber mallet
• floor jacks or ramps
• jack stands

2. Tyre Pressure Gauge

Tyre pressure is an important factor in giving the car good mileage and a nice drive. You can’t always go to a mechanic or workshop to check your tyre pressure. A tyre pressure gauge helps in figuring out the pressure of your tyre. You should always keep a tyre pressure gauge in your car so whenever you feel like the tyres aren’t working efficiently, you can check their pressure on the spot. This would help you in deciding whether the tires need to be inflated or not if the pressure is low.

3. Jump Leads

Often times one might forget when they last got their car’s battery replaced. And they only remember when they face the battery failing at the wrong time. Especially when you’re out on the road and your car suddenly breaks down because of a flat battery. You can save your day by keeping a set of jump leads asking a fellow driver to help you jump-start your car.

You can even keep a portable battery pack in your car, so you don’t have to ask anyone else’s help and run the battery on your own. Your car will make it through, for the time being. However, don’t forget to get the battery changed next time.

4. Spare Tyre and Jack Lift Car Kit

The road is filled with bumps and hurdles. On your way, your car might pass through a rough patch and unfortunately result in a punctured tyre. Sometimes during winters, snow covers the roads and makes it hard to see the path you’re driving on. The tyre might bump into a pothole and get deflated. This is when the spare tyre in your car’s trunk would help.

You should occasionally check if the spare tyre is in good condition, and that it is usable when you need it. The jack lift is used to lift the car and hold it a little higher while you change your car’s tyre. The tools in a jack car kit help in changing the tyre. Hence both the tyre and the jack lift car kit go together.

How to Change a Tyre

When your tyre gets punctured, park the car on the side of the road. Using the jack, lift the car 6-7 inches above the ground. You can remove the punctured tyre using the other tools. And install the new tyre similarly tightening the screws. Now lower the jack slowly and remove it.

5. Flashlight

You never know when your car might face issues on a journey. Some mishaps might occur in the dark of the night and it becomes difficult to check your car without daylight. A flashlight is your perfect tool to see what’s the matter with your vehicle. A typical flashlight is bright and can help you look into the nooks with ease.

Efficient Working of your Car

Keeping the basic tools at hand will ensure your drive is smooth and free of worries. Your vehicle may sometimes not function properly due to various reasons, either it is the battery failure or even a bad compressor. You can even sense the poor functioning of your car with a few signs. For example, when the car’s AC starts to malfunction giving out hot air, shows that the compressor needs to be replaced. Sometimes the clutch also shows signs of poor car condition in the vehicle clutch system.

Some of the simple tools mentioned in the article can be used effectively to get your car stable enough so you can reach a workshop for thorough checking.

We hope you learned a few simple things from this article that would help you in avoiding future troubles and take care of your vehicle well on time. You can definitely keep more tools in your car that suit your vehicle particularly well. The more we know about our cars, the better we can use them.


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